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First off, we have the best fish and chips in Sonoma County
 ...and maybe this side of London! How do we know? People tell us! But we're more than just great fish and chips. Our fish tacos, for example, are nothing short of addicting. We know; we're addicted. Two tortillas, cheddar cheese melted in-between, filled with seasoned grilled fish (or fried if you prefer), coleslaw, and mild salsa. Really good, really big, really filling.

Ever had a burger that started its day as a steak?
 Our burger meat is ground fresh daily from lean chuck steak, then hand formed into patties. This isn't fast food. It's quality food, deliciously prepared. Our soup, chili, sauces, and dressings are all house made.

If seafood is more your passion,
 try the Calamari...just like the white tablecloth joints only cheaper. Dip a big, hot prawn into some cold tangy cocktail sauce. Sup some true comfort with a bowl of our hearty clam chowder. Or dive into a cool, crisp Louie, piled high with succulent pink bay enjoyed with an Arnold Palmer, in our opinion. And then a round of golf.

Does Chili Spaghetti sound too crazy?
 Crazy good! Ask a Cincinnatian. And don't wait for the Fair to enjoy a corn dog. Or if you're craving the ultimate grilled dog, you can't do better than our Miller all beef franks. Smother it with our mild all-meat chili for the ultimate chili dog.

To top it all off we have soft serve ice cream,
  with all the fun frosty treats this makes possible. Root beer float, anyone? Shake of the Month? Do you fancy a sundae, perhaps? Or maybe just an impossibly tall, perfectly swirled turban of vanilla ice cream in a cone, dipped in chocolate. Yum...

Check out our menu
. We're American Classic, eclectic, and just a bit eccentric - like Petaluma itself. Been here since 2001 with no plans to franchise or go flaked-and-formed on you. We're one of a kind, and proud of it. Come by for a visit, Wednesday through Sunday, 11am - 9pm. We'd love to see you!
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